SIVOHAM Aham kasi Gamishyami Gangaa Gangaa papaa Nasini Darsanaat abhrasadasi - Jananaat Kamalaalaye I Smaranaat Arunaachale - Kaasyanthu maranaan muktihi II There are four ways to attain salvation. Visiting Arunachaleshwaram, taking birth in Tiruvaroor, utterance of the name of lord Arunachaleshwar and leaving last breath (death) in Kasi. The Jeeva (human being) must visit the holy places in one's lifetime. It may not be in one's hands to take birth in Tiruvaroor. But sure it is in one's own hands to visit the other three places Chidambaram, Arunachalam and Kasi. In the spiritual journey devotees can personally feel the specific difference after visiting the holy places. Such is the efficacy of the places.

Easy Epic: Kasi is the portion of earth created by lord Shiva at the tip of his Trident when there was no place left for lord Brahma to undertake penance to perform his divine mission of Creation because the whole nature was full of water. Sitting here alone, he brought forth the worlds, stars and the remaining portion of earth, it was said. Following the appeals of sages, he lowered the first portion of the earth from where he caused the creation and joined it with the later portion. And the former portion is the Kasi town as described by the Epical author sage Vyasa in his Shivapuranam. The Puranam clearly states that 'Except lord Shiva no other divinities including lord Brahma and Yama have any authority over the Kasi town. This is the reason why a separate book titled 'Kasikhandam' was written by royal poet Srinatha. Lord Ishwara and his companions alone have sway over Kasi. The epic also explained that the Kasi which is the abode of lord Viswanatha will remain intact even when all else would face destruction at the time of dissolution of the creation.



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  • Both shrines play an important role in Japan's political and military history as well as the Shinto religion.

  • Do not enter the shrine until you have cleansed both hands and your mouth at the font near the endivance, and do not drink from the dipper.

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