This is an ancient Shiva temple located in the predominantly Vaishnavite pilgrim town of Gaya. Prapitaamaheswara is said to be a witness deity for the performance of the offerings of the pindas to ancestors. Shiva is worshipped in the form of a Lingam. Gaya and Buddha Gaya nearby have been revered pilgrimage centers of India since antiquity.

Easy Epic: The ritual of offering pindas or offerings to the dead has been long associated with Gaya and has been mentioned in the epics. (Vaayupuraana) The Prapitaamaheswara temple has been referred to in the Agni Purana. Shiva worship at Gaya has been referred in the Mahabharata too. The Prapitaamaheswara temple is one of the oldest temples in Gaya and it dates back to the Pala dynasty of the 11th century CE as testified from stone inscriptions nearby.
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  • Both shrines play an important role in Japan's political and military history as well as the Shinto religion.

  • Do not enter the shrine until you have cleansed both hands and your mouth at the font near the endivance, and do not drink from the dipper.

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