It is the place where Lord Shiva is shown meditating. According to Indian Traditions River Ganges emerged from his locks. The place is beautifully represented with statue of Lord Shiva and water symbolic of River Ganges is falling from the lock of Lord Shiva.

Easy Epic: One has to enter the main temple via bridge that is over pond which surrounds Sitamarhi Temple. Temple is beautiful piece of architecture built in white marble. It offers you a world of serenity, pristine beauty and mind capturing calmness that can make your temple visit worth memorable. Main temple constructed at the actual place where Goddess Sita was taken by Mother Earth. Here we enter the main temple from first floor crossing the bridge.
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  • Both shrines play an important role in Japan's political and military history as well as the Shinto religion.

  • Do not enter the shrine until you have cleansed both hands and your mouth at the font near the endivance, and do not drink from the dipper.

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